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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Roman-British site at St Paul's Cray.
by John Parsons.

Further to the brief report in KAR 25 of the re-discovery of the missing Romano-British site at St Paul's Cray, I should like to quote the National Grid Reference for its location which is NGR TQ 4715 6885. In connection with the excavation of the Romano-British site, it appears from explorations carried out by the Cray Antiquarians Association that the site was occupied in Neolithic times as well, because below the Romano-British levels was found blue alluvial clay, which yielded Neolithic debris including pieces of bone scattered across the area. These bone fragments consisted of part of a human Tibia, and may, perhaps, provide the earliest evidence of Neolithic man in Kent.

DRAWING: Flint Artifacts.

Drawing Caption: Two of the Flint artifacts.

Two of the flint artifacts found are illustrated.

  1. Neolithic blade of blue flint (with absence of secondary working) and with bluish cortex on backbone of blade.
  2. Circular scraper of brownish flint with traces of yellow cortex and percussion points.
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