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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Bookshops for the Kentish Archaeologist.
by Phillip Bethell.

During recent years it has become apparent to many archaeologists that the stocking of a good personal reference library is becoming more difficult, owing to the increased cost of publications and the fact that many useful reference works are in critically short supply. How long ago is it since we saw even individual copies of Hasted on sale?

Certain important works are being re-printed and copies of Bushe-Fox's excavations at Richborough can now be obtained, but it is to the second-hand bookshop that we must travel to seek out many obscure and useful works which remain among the most valued of many collections. Whether a collection is being made of excavation reports, in-depth researches, works by antiquarians or merely Archaeologia Cantiana, there are several bookshops within easy reach which provide a most useful service. All of them attempt to stock Archaeologia Cantiana and the following list shows the locations of the various bookshops and gives the range of prices.


Chaucer Bookshop, 6 Beercart Lane.

A very large stock of books, specialising in Theology and history. Archaeologia Cantiana priced from 50p to 75p but these are in short supply here. Otherwise good selection on Kent and Sussex topography.

C E Cheshire, 7 St Peters Street.

Very selective in purchases and charges high prices. Archaeologia Cantiana at 75p to 1, but often you will find that he has a good selection in stock. Very strong on literature and topography and many of his books are in first-class condition and well-bound.


Grosvenor Bookshop, 69 Grosvenor Road.

Very large stock at reasonable prices. Archaeologia Cantiana rarely available but a vast selection of guide books, pamphlets and general historical works to be had. Good selection on Hadrian's Wall, i.e. excavations at Birdoswald Fort and Collingwood's guide in several editions.

Dobell's, 24 Mount Ephraim Road.

Very selective supply and reasonable prices. Many issues of Sussex Arch. Coll. and Archaeologia Cantiana available for about 1. Strong on literature, excellent catalogue.

Hall's Bookshop, 20 Chapel Place.

Good selection of everything, specialising in Kent and Sussex history and Topography. Reasonable prices. I obtained Ward on the Belgic Britons at 1.25 and Arnold's book of Dode Church for 1.50. Regular source of supply when local worthies pass on. Frequent visits recommended. Takes a long lunch hour.


Howes Bookshop, 3 Trinity Street.

Good supply of Kent and Sussex history at reasonable prices (1.40 for Wallenburg's Place Names of Kent by the Uppsala University -- rare). Very good catalogue listing many rare works of mainly historical and literary value. Well patronised by other archaeologists.


Holleyman & Treacher, 21a and 22, Duke Street.

Vast selection of volumes. Big stock of Kent and Sussex, with large supply of Archaeologia Cantiana at low prices -- 62p each, even for Testamenta Cantiana, 1907 and index. Several dozen copies of Archaeological Journal from 1952 onwards, including full series on excavations at Verulamium, Winchester and Fishbourne. A shop which has obviously not been visited by many of us and is therefore recommended highly.

Although this is not a complete list of the bookshops for Kentish archaeologists, I have endeavoured to provide a review of the most profitable sources. Perhaps other readers will write of bookshops not included here in which they have found good selections of works on local history and archaeology.

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