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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Group Emergency Reports.
by Brian Philp.
(Emergency Officer.)

Site. Location. Date. Type. Results. Reporter.
SITE 147. GOODNESTONE, Uffington Farm (TR 255 558). January 1971. Gas pipeline. Medieval sherds from ditch. 14th Century John Gaunt (CKA Deal area).
SITE 148. GOODNESTONE, Uffington Farm (TR 255 558). January 1971. Gas pipeline. Ditch with Roman-British potsherds. 1st Century. John Gaunt (CKA Deal area).
SITE 149. DOVER. York Street Bypass (TR 318 413). June-August, 1971. Road works. Neolithic pottery and flints; Classis Britannica fort (defensive walls, 14 internal buildings, roads, drains, sewers), Saxon Shore fort (defensive walls, bastions and ditches), detached Roman house (400 sqare feet painted plaster in situ); medieval and later buildings and roads. Brian Philp (CKA Rescue-officer).
SITE 151. ST PETER'S, Lanthorne Road. (TR --). September 1971. Building. Pits and ditches containing Iron Age and Romano-British pottery. Howard Biggs (Stone House Arch. Group).
SITE 152. RECULVER, West Cliff (TR 226 695). December, 1971. Coast erosion. Roman road to fort, ditch and pit with Romano-British pottery. 3rd Century Howard Davies (Reculver Group).
SITE 153 RECULVER, Marshland. (TR -- ). December, 1971. Deep Ploughing. Medieval pottery 13th-14th Centuries. Edna Mynott (CIB Arch. Rescue Corps).
SITE 154. WEST WICKHAM, Nash Farm (TQ 408 643). February, 1972. Sewer-pipe. Ditch containing med. cooking-pots and jugs. 13th-14th Centuries. Gerald Clewley (West Kent Border Group).
SITE 155. EYNSFORD, Working Men's Club (TQ 540 656). December, 1971. Foundations for extended club. Substantial Roman building with masonry walls, hitherto unknown. Oliver Stephens (Friend of CKA Tunbridge Wells).
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