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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter from the Editor.
by Wendy Dolphin.

The Kent Archaeological Review, or simply KAR, as it has come to be known, is an extremely important facet of Kentish Archaeology for it is in this publication that all the various groups in this county find a common voice. All too frequently this subject is shared by groups who tend to work in isolation both from the public and from each other -- surely knowledge which is shared and discussed will be of far greater benefit to all. The KAR strives to accomplish this and attempts not only to link archaeologists themselves but to reach the people of this county and to encourage a general enthusiasm for the history and archaeology of Kent.

The word rescue crops up time and again in every issue, but many people, including some archaeologists, have yet to be convinced of just how important this aspect of archaeology is. Countless sites all over the country are being destroyed daily and unless every county can create its own team of rescue archaeologists (and by this we refer to men who are both strong-bodied and strong-minded enough to fight for an ideal), there may soon be very little left to save. Our children's children may well look back upon this century as an era of destruction and without understanding our past, how can we possibly understand the importance of preparing the smoothest road possible for the future? Our unrecorded history lies in every square mile of this country and although we may not be able to save everything we unearth, a record must be kept of what happened and where. Many of the articles which appear in the KAR might never have been published at all if it had not been in existence and whatever their content, they all contribute something to our history which might otherwise have been lost.

As the new Hon. Editor it is my aim to continue all the good work which has gone on before and my admiration and thanks must go to the previous Editors whose hard work and perseverance have made the KAR into what it is today.

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