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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Saxon Gold Ring Found at Dover.
by Brian Philp.

DRAWING: The Gold Ring.

The Gold Ring. Drawn by Wendy Dolphin. Scale 2 : 1.

The finest single object ever to come from any of our excavations was found in the middle of the Dover excavation in September, 1972. This is the gold ring which was found sealed in a deposit of Saxon rubbish by Mark Errington of Dover. It has been provisionally dated to the sixth or seventh centuries AD.

The ring, probably made for a man, is set with a large red garnet held in a cruciform mount. It has a circle of gold within the garnet and the decoration and quality of workmanship rates it in the Sutton Hoo class. It must have been the property of a wealthy Saxon, presumably living in Dover then a thriving port. One attractive idea is that it was worn by one of the royal family of Saxon Kent! The ring is owned by Dover Corporation.

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