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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Mr Money Masters Minoan Mystery.
by Oliver Stephens.

The probable solution to a long-standing archaeological problem in the Eastern Mediterranean has recently been produced by one of the CKA representatives in the Middle East. James Money, whose youthful and slender silhouette is a familiar feature of the sun-soaked hillforts of Kent and Sussex, was on holiday in the volcanic island of Santorin. For years local experts had puzzled over the destruction of Cretan Minoan settlements and that of Santorin. Whereas vulcanologists said that all had been destroyed by a single massive eruption around 1500 BC, the pottery from the respective sites suggested a time difference perhaps of as much as thirty or forty years. Mr Money collected a sample of a thin band of soil from Santorin which sealed the archaeological deposits but which was, in turn, covered by volcanic material. He had it analysed by Prof Cornwall who confirmed it as a buried soil and thus clear evidence of a substantial lapse of time. It now seems that a major earthquake destroyed towns on Santorin which were then abandoned many years before the great eruption. Similarly at Pompeii an earthquake destroyed much of the town about 15 years before the great eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79 -- The moral of all this is obvious. Archaeologists of all nations truly need a crash course in Kentish archaeology!

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