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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Operation Motorway -- Kent.
by Brian Philp.
(CKA Rescue Officer.)

The final plans for the archaeological work on the Kent Motorways have now been made. In West Kent in particular, where the first long lengths of motorway are to be built within twelve months most of the local groups have already completed their surveys. The West Kent Group completed its initial survey of the west sector of the M25 in the winter of 1970-1 and did it again in 1971-2. It also covered the west end of the M20. The Otford Group completed its surveys of the east sector of M25 in 1971-2 and Mr John Parsons and his 'team completed the South Orbital, with the blessing of the West Kent Group in whose area it lies, in the winter of 1971-2. It is hoped that the Fawkham Group will successfully complete the survey of the remaining length of West Kent motorway (the east sector of the M20) during the winter of 1972-3.

A programme of excavation has now been agreed with the director of the South-East Road Construction Unit and the CIB Rescue Corps has been awarded a grant for motorway work from the DOE. The task of excavating and recording over long lengths of motorway under construction and where two sites per mile may appear is formidable and will require a full-time team as in Surrey and elsewhere. It is vital that those groups who have carried out the initial surveys join in with the mobile units in these operations. So too will invitations be sent to other Kent groups whose orbit is beyond the motorway threat. It may be that we shall need every available part-time archaeologist in Kent to rally to the call, particularly when the contradtors start shifting soil at the rate of 20,000 tons per week.

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