Kent Archaeological Review extract

Some Unpublished Finds from the Darenth Roman Villa.
by Brian Philp.

The extensive excavations carried out by Mr George Payne in 1894-5 at Darenth (Arch. Cant. xxii (1897), page 49) produced surprisingly few finds. Happily most of these have now emerged in Rochester Museum where Mr I Moad is tackling the enormous task of sorting and classifying one of the most important archaeological collections in Kent. Amongst the unpublished material from Darenth are two items of special interest, particularly in view of the recent work at Darenth (KAR, Number 18 (1969), page 18).

DRAWING: Antler rake.

Antler rake.

  1. Bone or antler needle, with broad head, eye-hole and sharp tapered point. Although difficult to date with total accuracy this type is typical of Saxon bone needles from Kent. Recent dated examples have been found at Dartford (Arch. Cant., LXX (1956), page 256), in the Saxon hut at Keston (KAR Number 25 (1971), page 131) and at Dover (publication pending). Scale 1:2.5.
  2. Antler rake and hammer, socketed for a squared, Wooden handle. This was cut from a red deer antler with the tines sliced to create sharp teeth. Similar antler rakes are known in Romano-British contexts elsewhere. Scale 1: 2.5.

Please may I thank Miss Wendy Dolphin for her drawings and Mr Moad, of Eastgate House Museum, Rochester, for permission to publish these interesting finds?

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