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The Problem of Milestone Conservation.

The Council of British Archaeology's Research Committee on Industrial Archaeology is very concerned about the problem of Milestone conservation whidh is particularly acute at the moment. The Committee has drawn up a Code of Practice, the main points of Which are as follows:

  1. Stones or posts marking mileages on highways, being important indications of historic development, should be retained on their original sites wherever possible.
  2. Age or materials used do not afford a criterion for selection; all types of posts are of equal importance.
  3. If a post has been moved because of highway widening, it should be re-set at the same distance point but farther back from the centre of the road.
  4. If a diversion or bypass is built affecting the main highway at a milepost point, the post should be retained on the original alignment.
  5. In cases of extensive redevelopment at the site of and affecting the position of a milepost, the milepost should be retained and included in the new design.
  6. If however there is a compelling reason to remove a milepost (risk of vandalism, complete redevelopment obliterating the highway) it should be offered to a local museum or other location for safe custody, but not destroyed.
  7. All ancient mileposts should be surveyed and written, and photographic records made; scheduling under the Ancient Monuments Acts should be sought.
  8. Future substitution of kilometres or other linear measures for miles will not be a valid reason to remove mileposts.

It is hoped that the application of this Code of Practice will help in the conservation of those milestones still standing.

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