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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Medieval Skeletons found at Minster-in-Sheppey.
by Lisa Tyler.

In January, 1973, three skeletons were found on a building site at Falcon Gardens, Minster-in-Sheppey at a depth of about 3 or 4 feet below the surface of the road. The site was only about 12 feet from the churchyard wall and it is probable that the skeletons were enclosed within the original churchyard limits. One skeleton, that of a male, lay on an east-west axis with his arms crossed on his chest. The other skeletons and also the bones of an ox were found in the same compact area no more than 150 square feet in extent. It seems probable that the skeletons are of medieval date. Traces of masonry were reported, but no details were recorded. Both Mr Newnham and Mr Cox kindly visited the site, at the request of Mr Philp of the CIB Rescue Corps, but the trench had just been filled. A close watch on the site failed to reveal anything else of interest.

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