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Kent Archaeological Review extract

A Neolithic Axe from West Wickham.
by D N Broadfoot.

This axe was found on the surface of a field at Wickham Court Farm, West Wickham by Mr J Pallant in 1972. As the writer has not handled the specimen itself it is only possible to make cautious comments on the drawing.

The axe is in a grey-white flint and is a fine specimen of a Neolithic type axe. The sharpening flakes have all been made from the edge inwards and there is no sign of the tranchet sharpening flake which would point to a Mesolithic origin, even though its profile is not unlike one of the Mesolithic categories. The axe, which was kindly drawn by Mr James Thorn, was returned to the finder, but has been subsequently misplaced.

DRAWING: AThe Neolithic Axe.

The Neolithic Axe.

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