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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Radiocarbon Dates from Kent.
by Peter Couldrey.

We reproduce here a list of radiocarbon dates from sites in Kent, published in the period up to 31st December 1971. Most radiocarbon dates appear in the periodical RADIOCARBON published by the American Journal of Science. Because only a very small proportion of these dates are of interest to those studying British archaeology, the Council for British Archaeology publishes an ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE INDEX TO RADIOCARBON DATES FOR GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND See Footnote [1] which lists dates abstracted from RADIOCARBON. The following list has been drawn from the CBA Index which should be consulted for references to the relevant volumes of RADIOCARBON and to other articles dealing with the sites concerned.

Dates are calculated using the old 'Libby' half-life of 556830 years and have not been corrected to allow for carbon-14 fluctuations. Each appears with an error term of plus or minus one standard deviation. In other words there is about a 67% chance of the true date lying within the limits shown and about 95% chance of it lying within twice the limits.

Each date is preceded by a laboratory number in the form BM-40. This identifies the sample and forms the unit of reference used in the index to RADIOCARBON. The two laboratories concerned here are: BM - British Museum, and UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles.

Site Location. Description. NGR. Owner. Description. Reference. Radiocarbon date.
HIGH ROCKS, TUNBRIDGE WELLS. Mesolithic site. TQ 553 563. J H Money. Charcoal from hearth 5, site F. BM-40. 3710 BC 150.
Charcoal from layer 2, site F. BM-91. 3780 BC 150.
Site Location. Description. NGR. Owner. Description. Reference. Radiocarbon date.
EBBSFLEET, NORTHFLEET. Peat site 1. TQ 617 736. D Walker. Wood from base of peat close to archaeological site where pottery was below peat. BM-113. 2710 BC 150.
HALLING. Skeleton. TQ 705 644. (W H Cook, 1914). Portion of femur previously assumed early Mesolithic. BM-168. 2150 BC 180.
Check of earlier determination using collagen only. BM-249. 2230 BC 190.
DEVIL'S KNEADING TROUGH, BROOK. Forest clearance. TR 077 452. M P Kearney. Charcoal in hill wash, associated with Neolithic flint industry. BM-254. 2590 BC 105.
Site Location. Description. NGR. Owner. Description. Reference. Radiocarbon date.
"GALLEY HILL MAN", SWANSCOMBE. Human bone. TQ 605 749. (R Elliot). Humerus fragments, 8 feet deep in 100-foot terrace. BM-86. 1360 BC 150.
Site Location. Description. NGR. Owner. Description. Reference. Radiocarbon date.
STONE-BY-FAVERSHAM. ? R.B.-Saxon church. TQ 991 613. Lord Fletcher, G W Meates. Charcoal from ? wattle-and-daub. BBM-481. AD 550 110.
Collagen from juvenile human skull, burial near south wall of chancel. BM-479. AD 460 110.
Collagen from human pelvis, burial near original east wall of chancel. BM-480 AD 1140 110
GRAVENEY (SEASALTER). Boat. TR 066 639. A C Evans et al. Planking of clinker-built boat. BM-660. AD 870 40.
Planking. BM-661. AD 886 54.
Site Location. Description. NGR. Owner. Description. Reference. Radiocarbon date.
NURSTEAD COURT, NR. ROCHESTER.   TQ 640 685. W W Horn, R Berger. Heartwood, edge of tie-beam of truss B, post b'. UCLA-1094. AD 980 60.
LENHAM, MAIDSTONE. Barns. (TQ 8952). W W Horn, R Berger. Oak heartwood, West row, 3rd truss from North, principal post. UCLA-1346. AD 1310 40.
Major Barn: Bark from truss D, post d'. Comment: timbers cut circa 1310-1440. UCLA-1091. AD 1355 60.
Minor Barn: Heartwood, sleeper beam below post c. UCLA-1089. AD 1105 60.
Minor Barn: Wood from rafter. UCLA-576. AD 1250 80.
Minor Barn: Charred oak sapwood, arcade plate, West side. UCLA-1314. AD 1280 60.
Minor Barn: Heartwood, same beam as -1089. UCLA-1090. AD 1280 60.
Minor Barn:Heartwood from a principal post. UCLA-1345. AD 1400 40.
Minor Barn: Oakwood from tenon of fallen post. UCLA-1347. AD 1400 40.
NETTLESTEAD. Manor Barn. (TQ 6852). W W Horn et al. Heartwood from shake in ceiling beam. UCLA-1084. AD 1340 80.
Heartwood from sleeper beam. UCLA-1085B. AD 1415 60.
Sapwood/heartwood junction same sleeper beam as 1085B. UCLA-1083. AD 1460 60
Sapwood, same sleeper beam. UCLA-1085A. AD 1600 60.
FRINDSBURY, ROCHESTER. Barn. (TQ 7469). W W Horn, R Berger. Oak sapwood, 2nd post, West row. UCLA-1340. AD 1400 60.
COURT LODGE BARN, BROOD, WYE. Barn. (TR 0644).   Oakwood from waney edge of shoring beam, North aisle. UCLA-1341. AD 1500 60.
THANET. "Temple". (TR 3267). Conan Shaw. Shell from shrine mosaic underground temple. UCLA-113. AD 1670 100.

Footnote 1.

Available from: CBA, 8 St. Andrews Place, London NW1 4LP. Price 70p. (An additional supplement of dates should appear before the end of the year). Return to the paragraph.
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