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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Coins from Radfield (Sittingbourne).
by Robert Baxter.

PHOTO: First Century BC bronze coin from Radfield.

Figure 1.
First Century BC bronze coin from Radfield. Left -- reverse. Right -- obverse. Actual size of coin is 1.6 centimetres in diameter.
Photograph by D F Allen.

In the course of a recent joint excavation, involving the Sittingbourne and Swale Archaeological Research Group and the Faversham Archaeological Research Group, at Radfield, near Teynham, two bronze coins were found.

The earlier coin (Figure 1) is of a type (Allen LY 6, Mack 295 or Evans G 13) of which a good number are known, nearly all from Kent. On the obverse is depicted a wolf surrounded by a number of small circles. Over the beast's back are two sprigs of leaves and between them a pair of traditional and schematic boars whose heads meet. On the reverse is a high-stepping horse surrounded by small circles.

The coin is analogous to coinage from North-East Gaul rather than from other parts of Britain. The date of manufacture cannot be estimated with precision, but is very probably early in the last quarter of the 1st Century, BC. The coin was found in layers overlying a ditch containing pottery typical of the 2nd Century. There is evidence, however, that these represent ditch "in-fill" derived from pre-Roman deposits. The coin weighs 23 grains.

The Groups are most grateful to Mr D F Allen, CB, FBA, of the British Academy, for dating and describing this coin.

The second coin, also bronze, is of the 4th Century and was probably issued between AD 337 and 346, in the time of Constans.See Footnote [1] The obverse shows the bust, with diadem and drapes, facing right. The inscription reads "...STAN.SPFAUG" (CONSTANS P.F. AUG.).

The reverse shows two Victories standing facing each other with the inscription: "VICTORIAE..." (VICTORIAE DO. AUGG. Q NN.). In the exergual space, the mint mark "TR." indicates that the coin was from the Treveri mint.

It is possible that the coin was issued at the time of Constans' punitive expedition against the Picts in AD 343.


Footnote 1.

Seaby. Roman Coins and their Values page 241. Return to the paragraph.
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