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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Public Support for the Archaeologist.
by Doug Crellin.

The archaeologist can obtain useful information from members of the public who are sympathetic towards archaeology and have some knowledge of what to look for. For example, Mr Michael Burke of Folkestone recently observed a number of struck flints while working in Poulton Valley near Dover. He collected a considerable number, reported his find and identified the place from which the flints were obtained. Numbers 1 to 6 in the accompanying illustration, drawn by Doug Welby, are examples taken from Mr Burke's collection. It is hoped to investigate the site in due course.

In the same way Mr Michael Connatty of River, Dover, recovered and reported a struck flint (Number 7 in the accompanying illustration) which he found during the construction of a service road at Sleed Wood, Hougham. This is of significance to our research in the area surrounding St Radigund's Abbey.

A third recent example is that of Mr Sam Webb of Shepherdswell who was operating a mechanical excavator in connection with the proposed new Sports Centre at Dover. His machine uncovered a collection of about 50 sherds. It was impossible to leave them in situ but, in his own time, Mr Webb recovered the sherds, recorded their precise location with measurements and reported full details. The sherds were of 14th/ 15th century date and included about three-quarters of a vessel approximately 12 inches high and 10 inches in diameter.

We are grateful to all three gentlemen for the help given on these and other occasions and for their continued interest in archaeology.

DRAWING: Flints found at Poulton Farm.

Found at Poulton Farm, Dover (August 1973). Flints drawn by Doug Welby.

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