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Kent Archaeological Review extract

British Archaeological Reports.
by Anne McLeod.

No archaeological excavation is ever complete without full publication of all the available material once it has been assembled. In this age of rising prices it is often extremely difficult to raise sufficient cash in order to publish an independant report. It would now seem, however, that a solution to this worrying problem is being offered by Dr A R Hands, Tutor in Chemistry at Exeter College, Oxford who, together with his wife, has set up a small private company, British Archaeological Reports Ltd., to publish archaeological reports cheaply by offset litho.

The reports are produced directly from the author's manuscripts by photographic methods. Authors are paid about 50p per page for their work if it is produced exactly to BAR's specifications on an electric typewriter. Alternatively the manuscript is re- typed by the firm but authors receive no payment.

BAR will consider manuscripts on any subject of interest to archaeologists in the British Isles and this will include reports, studies of artefacts, discussions of scientific methods related to archaeology, etc., including all periods from the Paleolithic to the Industrial.

Not only do the finished reports look smart but the prices are extremely reason- able -- the firm is determined to keep prices low enough for the student and the amateur. The following reports are already available, apart from BAR 6 which should be ready by September.

  • BAR 1, Cuddesdon and Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire: two early Saxon 'princely' sites in Wessex, by Tania M Dickinson: 54 pages, 4 figures, 4 plates. Price 0.75.
  • BAR 2, The Deserted Medieval Village of Broadfield, Herts., by Eric C Klingelhofer: 73 pages, 22 figures, 1 plate. Price 0.80.
  • BAR 3, A Corpus of Early Bronze Age Dagger Pommels from Great Britain and Ireland, by Ron Hardaker: 65 pages, 7 figures, 2 plates. Price 0.80.
  • BAR 4, Coins and the Archaeologist, ed. John Casey and Richard Reece: 271 pages, 44 figures, 5 plates. Price 3.50.
  • BAR 5, Some Iron Age Mediterranean Imports in England, by Peter Harbison and Lloyd R Laing: 39 pages, 4 plates. Price 0.80.
  • BAR 6, Anglo-Saxon Settlement and Landscape, ed. Trevor Rowley: 138 pages, 15 figures, 7 plates. Price 2.00.
  • BAR 7, A Corpus of Pagan Anglo-Saxon Spear-Types, by M J Swanton: 90 pages, 4 figures Price 1.10.
  • BAR 8, A Corpus of Roman Engraved Gemstones from British Sites, by Martin Henig: Part i, Discussion, 205 pages, 4 figures; Part ii, Catalogue and Plates, 117 pages, 61 plates. Price (parts i and ii together) 5.00.

All the above titles are available from British Archaeological Reports Ltd., 122 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7BP. (Cheques should be made payable to British Archaeological Reports). A copy of Notes for Contributors is available free on request together with a complimentary copy of BAR 1 to show the prospective client how the scheme works.

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