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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Bronze Age Hoard found near Rochester.
by Michael Moad.

Early in February, 1973 a gang of men under Mr Wilsonham were channeling a trench for water mains near Rochester, when several bronze objects tumbled out of the side of the trench in the wake of the digging machine. The area was searched and a large number of objects came to light. Out of curiosity the men took the hoard to the local police station where they received the verdict that the objects were probably of 17th century origin. Not entirely satisfied they then consulted Rochester Museum where the hoard was immediately recognised as dating from the Bronze Age.

The hoard, found at NGR TQ 8095 7376, consisted of aproximately 165 items plus and included socketed axe heads, spear heads and gouges. It is almost certainly a founder's hoard for apart from newly cast objects there were a number in the process of being broken up ready for smelting. It appears that the founder had been forcing the points of some of the weapons into the axe sockets in order to break them up for many of the socketed axes contain broken fragments. The items are now undergoing conservation at Portsmouth and it is hoped that full publication will be forthcoming shortly.

PHOTO: Selection of spear heads.

Figure 1: Selection of spear heads from the Bronze Age hoard.

PHOTO: axe heads from Rochester.

A sample of the superb socketed axe heads from Rochester.

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