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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Archaeology and Newspaper Reports.
by D W Harrington.

While Canterbury cannot boast to having the first provincial newspaper (generally agreed to be the Norwich Post which first appeared in 1701) it did have a biweekly paper The Kentish Post or Canterbury News Letter which first appeared on the 16th- 23rd October 1717. Copies of the early numbers have survived and are to be found at the British Museum Newspaper Library at Colindale. In Kent copies of this paper (with gaps) from 1721 are to be found at Canterbury Reference Library. The Kentish Gazette commenced publication 25th May-28th May 1768. The following entry which may be of interest to readers was found while indexing material relating to Canterbury inhabitants.

The Kentish Post or Canterbury Newsletter Saturday 2nd August to Wednesday 6th August 1729 (Number 1171) page 4.

CANTERBURY, August 6th. We have an account from Ashford that one day last week some workmen were lowering a ground floor in the Saracen's Head, at that place they found a small jug full of ancient silver coin.

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