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Kent Archaeological Review extract

A Probable Iron Age Site at Whitfield, near Dover.
by Keith Parfitt.

In April 1974, members of Dover Archaeological Group, recorded two features in the face of an old chalk pit (now being filled in) at Whitfield Recreation Ground. (NGR TR 303 453).

Feature A: This consisted of a "U" shaped ditch or gully about 1 metre deep and 0.20 metres wide across the bottom. About a 1 metre length of the ditch was excavated and it appeared to be running in a North-West to South-East direction. The fill was of stiff orange-brown clay similar to the local natural clay and contained 9 potsherds representing at least two different vessels, 7 calcined flints (potboilers) and 2 struck flint flakes.

Feature B: This consisted of the end of shallow "U" shaped ditch or a pit, 0.85 metres deep and 0.45 metres wide across the bottom. The fill was similar to Feature A but contained no finds. Two probable stake holes were noted in the bottom of the feature.

The dating of the pottery from Feature A is uncertain. Both Iron Age and Medieval dates have been suggested, but since pot boilers and struck flakes occur in association with the pottery, perhaps an Iron Age date seems more likely.

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