Kent Archaeological Review extract

Silver Cup from Eythorne, near Dover.
by Wendy Williams.

While pulling tufts of grass for his pet Guinea pigs, Kevin Wiggins of Eythorne, near Dover, found a small, black cup-shaped object under the turf. After careful cleaning it was found to be a small silver cup with a pedestal base. The bowl of the cup was decorated with flowers and vines and the hall mark on the base was quite visible.

Interested now and wishing to know more the cup (or bowl) was shown to Mr Brian Philp, Director of the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit who arranged to have it examined by Miss S M Hare, Librarian at Goldsmiths' Hall. Miss Hare identified the cup as being of foreign manufacture and of fairly recent date before taking it up to Goldsmiths' Hall to be examined by the Antique Plate Committee. Experts immediately recognised the hallmark as being Egyptian and said that the cup had been made in 1925, probably for use as a salt cellar.

We would like to thank Miss Hare and the experts at Goldsmiths' Hall for all their help in identifying this unusual find.

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