Kent Archaeological Review extract

Flint Axe from Farnborough.
by Mr D N Broadfoot.

The frequent publication of chance finds in the Review has brought another fine axe to my notice, again from a regular reader. This one was found by Mr C Pallant at a shallow depth on Chapmans Farm, Farnborough (NGR TQ 433 646) several years ago and has been made available through the West Kent Group and kindly drawn by Mr A E Beningfield.

This axe is of the same type as those reported recently from Bromley (KAR Number 25, page 154) and Swanley (KAR Number 27, page 217) and is by no means uncommon in North Kent generally, the writer having picked one up on the surface at Dry Hill, near Edenbridge.

The present axe is of quadrangular section with the usual blunt butt end, the only part with cortex, and is in greyish white and black flint. It is much shorter than the one from Bromley and opinion is that the shorter ones are the result of frequent re-sharpening of the original. Though somewhat crude the flaking is expertly and economically done with a sharp cutting edge which has on one side sharpening flakes parallel with the sides, but no true tranchet flakes across the width of the blade. It is none the less the familiar mesolithic pick-type of which a little more detail is given with the Swanley axe.

DRAWING: Mesolithix Axe from Farnborough.

Mesolithic Axe from Farnborough.

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