Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the editor --
November Conference at Canterbury.
by Mrs T C Stevens.

Dear Madam,

I feel I must write to say how very much I enjoyed the November conference at Canterbury organised by the CKA. I have, in the past, attended several of these most interesting get-togethers but this year I was particularly impressed by both speakers and general organisation. I have noticed over the years that both the scope and pre- sentation of these conferences has improved by leaps and bounds. The display of finds from Northbourne provided a most welcome interlude during the tea break and I would certainly like to see more of this type of stand at future conferences.

The huge size of the audience speaks of your continued success in this county and for those of us who are deeply interested although unable to take an active part in archaeology throughout the year, these conferences provide a means of keeping in touch with current trends and excavations.

Many thanks for a most interesting day

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