Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the editor --
Burntwick Island Roman Cremation.
by Raymond Farrar.
(Royal Commission on Historical Monuments.)

Dear Madam,

I don't find it easy to follow your correspondent, Paul Arthur's argument that the third supposedly samian vessel -- the flask with stopper neck -- reported to him by the ornithological party, must have been 'a good red colour-coated vessel'. Since it is clear enough that all the pots were associated with the cremation, the assumption would upset his dating of it to the late 1st or 2nd century, AD, unless he is referring to some class of early red colour-coated imitations of which I am unaware. Terra Sigillata flasks of various forms are not all that unusual -- see, for example, the jug from Dymchurch illustrated in Catherine Johns' British Museum booklet 'Arretine and Samian Pottery', 1971, plate 11a, and of course Oswald and Pryce's plates 82-3.

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