Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the editor --
Publication of Archaeological Reports.
by Bernard Smith.

Dear Madam,

May I say how pleased I was to see the excellent excavation reports by John Pyke and John Gaunt on their recent work in the last issue of KAR and similar papers in earlier issues. This is providing a real service to Kent archaeology.

There is an increasing demand on journals, either county or national, to publish papers on local history, place-name studies, family histories and socio-economic studies. Field archaeology has to share the available space with these important subjects. Even so some archaeological reports are given second place to lists of members or lists of rules. In one county authors have waited in vain for several years and there are even cases of unfair discrimination. One particular editor regularly inserts his own reports year after year to the obvious exclusion of others, often much better!

Thus I feel that I must congratulate the CKA for providing more than 120 pages each year for Kent archaeology and at such a reasonable price. To do this in these days of ever increasing printing costs is all the more praiseworthy. With my best wishes for your continued success.

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