Kent Archaeological Review extract

The South East Rescue Archaeology Committee.
by Trevor Belton.

The first of a series of SERAC conferences on rescue archaeology in Kent, Surrey and Sussex held at Guildford in March proved highly successful. Professor John Evans, of the Institute of Archaeology, took the chair. Admission was restricted to the principal practitioners from each county, both full-time and part- time, so that the discussion periods could be of maximum benefit.

Mr Alec Down gave a detailed account of the paper-work involved in his long- term urban excavation at Chichester and showed scaled maps of a range of sizes. Mr P Drewett spoke on the first year's work of the Sussex Archaeological Unit (Institute of Archaeology, London) on several sites and outlined the problems and successes. A cautionary comment in an earlier KAR, had helped rally support for the new scheme. Several local archaeologists had been consulted, but two with very bad records of non-publication had not.

Mr B Philp explained the development of the Kent Rescue Unit over a period of 20 years based entirely upon Kent people and responsible local groups and individuals. Mrs G Done spoke on the study of animal bones from sites; Mrs I Godman spoke on the treatment of iron and Mr A Down on the treatment of bronze. Vicountess Hanworth led a discussion on the problems, methods and desirability of publications of various types.

The meeting was concluded by Prof. Evans who warmly welcomed the opportunities provided by the conference.

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