Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the Editor.
by Mrs Gladys Townsend.

Dear Madam,
The New Canterbury Committee.

Although I no longer live in Canterbury I still have many friends and relatives there and my nostalgic affection for the town is still considerable. I was most interested to read in the last issue of the Kent Archaeological Review that a new committee has been formed in Canterbury which will employ at least one field officer to look after rescue archaeology in the town. This is wonderful news although I feel that perhaps it comes too late because the centre of Canterbury has already been developed since the war. As far as I am aware only a few isolated sites still await development and many of these are outside the City walls. Cellars, pits and war-time bombing may well have removed much of the evidence of these sites and I wonder just how much really useful information they now contain which would make a substantial academic contribution to knowledge? For instance, the Ickham site, excavated by Mr C Young of the DoE for the Canterbury Archaeological Society and who is now on the new Committee, proved of special interest and was rich in small finds.

It seems that the recent outcry over Canterbury has come to a climax and very large sums of money will no doubt be demanded. It seems a shame that Canterbury did not wake up to its archaeological possibilities years ago and one wonders whether the few remaining scraps of information will mean very much to the archaeology of the town as a whole.

Yours faithfully

Note: With the limited money available for Kent it must be hoped that the very many projects all over the county on the motorways and other development sites in the towns and countryside will not be allowed to suffer. Those who have to take the decisions should be fully aware of the total situation and have a thoro- ugh understanding of the priorities involved -- and they must be seen to be impartial. The limited resources must clearly be used to the very best effect and not be wasted. Ed.

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