Kent Archaeological Review extract

Kent Bibliography 1970-1974.
by Peter Couldrey.

A select bibliography of books and articles on Kent archaeology which had appeared up until the beginning of 1970 was published in KAR Number 24. The following list covers some articles which have appeared between 1970 and 1974. It does not include books, short notes, articles which have also appeared in the KAR or articles in journals and magazines which deal specifically with Kentish matters — e.g Archaeologia Cantiana and Cantium.

The following abbreviations have been used:

Anglo-Saxon England
Ant. Jour.
The Antiquaries Journal
Arch. Jour.
The Archaeological Journal
British Museum Quarterly
Current Archaeology
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology
Medieval Archaeology
Numismatic Chronicle
British Numismatic Journal ,
Post-Medieval Archaeology
Proceedings of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
  • Archibald, M M 'The Willesborough, Ashford (Kent) Hoard' Num. Jour. (1971) 40, page 120.
  • Avent, R 'An Anglo-Saxon variant of a Merovingian rounded-plaque buckle' (from Faversham) Med.Arch. (1973) XVII, page 126.
  • Brown, P D C 'The Church at Richborough' Brit. (1971) II, page 225.
  • Carson, R A G 'Leysdown (Kent) Hoard of Early Roman Imperial Bronzes' Num.Chr. (1971) XI, page 189.
  • Caviness, M H 'A Lost Cycle of Canterbury Paintings of 1220' Ant. Jour. (1974) LIV, page 66.
  • Cleere, H 'Ironmaking in a Roman Furnace' (An experiment using a facsimile of 2nd/ 3rd century furnaces in the Weald) Brit. (1971) II, p.203. 'The Roman Iron Industry of the Weald and its Connexions with the CLASSIS BRITANNICA' Arch.Jour. (1974) 131, page 171.
  • Coad, J G 'The Chatham Mast House and Mould Loft' Mariners Mirror (1973) 59, p.127.
  • Courtney, T W 'Excavations at the Royal Dockyard, Woolwich 1972-1973' Part One: The Building Slips' P-Med.Arch (1974) 8, page 1.
  • Crossley, D W 'Excavations at Chingley Furnace, 1972' Bulletin of the Historical Metallurgy Group (1973) 7, page 31. also summaries in P-Med.Arch. (1970- 1973) 4-7.
  • Davison, B K 'The Burghal Hidage Fort of Eorpeburnam: a suggested identification' (? = Newenden) Med.Arch. (1972) XVI, p.123.
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  • Dodgson, J McN 'Place-names from ham, distinguished from hamm names in relation to the settlement of Kent, Surrey and Sussex' A-S.Eng. (1973) 2, page 1.
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  • Merrifield, R 'A Roman Coin-Hoard from Ramsgate, 1969' Num.Chr. (1971) XI, page 199.
  • Okasha, E and Webster, L 'An Anglo-Saxon Ring from Bodsham, Kent' Ant.Jour. (1970) L, page 102.
  • Painter, K S 'A Late-Roman Silver Ingot from Kent' Ant.Jour. (1972) LII, page 84.
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  • Ralegh-Radford, C A 'Pre-Conquest Minster Churches' Arch.Jour. (1973) CXXX, page 120.
  • Rigold, S E 'Six copper-alloy objects from St.Augustine's, Canterbury' Ant.Jour. (1970) 50, page 348.
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  • Waechter, J d'A, Newcomer, M H and Conway, B W 'Swanscombe 1970' Proc.Roy. Anth.Inst.G.B.I. (1970) page 43.
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