Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the Editor.
by Sonia Chadwick Hawkes.

Dear Madam,
Palaeolithic hand axe from Finglesham.

Failure to keep my subscription up to date (won't some kind Treasurer send me a Banker's Order?) has meant that I have only just received my copy of KAR 39 (Spring 1975) with the report (page 252) on the finding of a hand-axe and other worked flints near Finglesham Farm. It may interest members of CKA to learn that, in 1964, while I was excavating the Finglesham Anglo-Saxon cemetery, one of my volunteers picked up a similar axe from the field to the east of the cemetery site. She could not be persuaded to part with it, but she did show it to Dr Derek Roe, Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology here at Oxford, who recorded all details and included it in his corpus. This has since been published by the Council for British Archaeology as number 8 in its series of Research Reports: Gazetteer of British Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Sites (1969). Dr Roe tells me that, though he has not been keeping up a systematic search of the literature for new sites and finds since (a university lecturer's life is a busy one and we don't normally have secretaries or research assistants to tackle routine chores), he is always delighted to hear of new finds and to give expert opinion and advice. He can be contacted at The Quaternary Research Unit, 60 Banbury Road, Oxford. I have sent him a photocopy of Mrs Steed's hand-axe and I hope you may hear from him about it.

Yours sincerely,

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