Kent Archaeological Review extract

Roman Coins from Barnham Down.
by D R Esner, FRNS.

PHOTO: The three Roman coins.

Obverse and reverse of three Roman coins found at Barham Down. (Scale uncertain.)

Three very interesting Roman bronze coins from farmland at Barham Down have recently been shown to me at Dover. These were found by Mr D J Holt whilst walking in the area several years ago. Detailed examination of this area failed to reveal any more coins nor any possible associated finds. The coins are typical of fourth century coins found in Britain and these represent the augustii Constantine and Licinius I. These were joint emperors between AD 312-324 and examples of their coinage often occur together in hoards.

  • COIN 1. Bronze follis of Constantine the Great; struck in London.
    Ob. IMP CONSTANTINVS PF AVG with bust of Constantine, laureate and cuirassed.
    Rev. SOLI INVICTO COMITI with Sol standing left, raising right hand, globe on left, in the field the letters TF. mm.PLN. AD 310.
  • COIN 2. Bronze Follis of Constantine the Great; struck at Lyons (Lugdunum)
    Ob. IMP CONSTANTINVS AVG, otherwise as Number 1, but with officiana letters SF. mm.PLG A.D. 313-314.
  • COIN 3. Bronze follis of Licinius I, struck at Trier.
    Rev. GENIO POP ROM. The genius of the Roman people standing left holding paters and cornucopia. Officiana letters TF. mm.PTR AD 310-313.

I am most grateful to Mr Holt for allowing me to study these coins and to Mr B J Philp, whose archaeology class we both attend, for his assistance.

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