Kent Archaeological Review extract

Moated Site Research Group.
by D J Turner.

In view of the recent descriptions of moated sites that have appeared in KAR readers may be interested to learn of the Moated Site Research Group. The Group was formed in 1972 after a weekend conference on medieval moated sites held by the Department of Adult Education of Leeds University. It consists of archaeologists, historians and geographers and the hope of co-ordinating research. A central record of sites and fieldwork is being compiled.

The Group has produced a record card to help standardize reporting. A list of sites has been compiled from secondary sources and county surveys are in progress. A bibliography has been compiled which includes references to published fieldwork and excavation reports. An annual conference is held, and an annual bulletin issued to members. Ordinary membership is 1 and enquiries should be addressed to Mr F A Aberg, 59 Forest Lane, Kirklevington, Yarm, Cleveland.

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