Kent Archaeological Review extract

A Crop Mark at Sutton, near Dover.
by Keith Parfitt.

In KAR Number 40, descriptions of 4 crop mark sites noted in East Kent, by Dover Archaeological Group, were published. A 5th site may now be added to this list. The site lies near the village of Sutton, some 1,125 metres south of the parish church, on the summit of a long chalk ridge (Sutton Downs). The site was noted in a field of barley, on the south east side of the road between Whit- field and Sutton, about 820 metres west of Winkland Oaks Farm (NGR 332 482).

The crop mark shows a roughly circular, ditched enclosure with an entrance on its south east side. The enclosure ditch has been partly obliterated on its north west side by the modern road and no continuation of the ditch could be observed in the field on the opposite side of the road. Small circular patches of taller corn, noted inside and outside the enclosure, may represent in-filled storage pits and/or hut circles. The site seems to be in some danger of dest- ruction from ploughing, being situated on agricultural land.

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