Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the Editor.
by R C J Ebbutt.

Dear Madam,
German Trade Token from Bedfordshire.

I thought readers of KAR might be interested in a find which closely parallels the 1973 find from Farningham (illustration on page 112, KAR Number 34). This item was handed to me for identification by a relative of the finder, I, in turn, took it to a well known Cambridge Archaeologist who identified it as a German Trade Token, of probable late 16th century date. The strange coincidence was that shortly afterwards we spotted the issuer's name on the Farningham illustration, whilst looking through KAR back numbers: 'Hans Kravwinckel' of 'Nurenberg'. Though the designs differ, they must surely have emanated from the same trading establishment. The example illustrated was found in ploughsoil in a field adjoining the A1 road in 1975, Map Reference OS TL 223 387.

My thanks to the owner, Mr A J Huckle of Langford, Beds., for his kind permission to borrow, and publish the find, and to my colleague Mr G Kemp for his excellent illustration.

R C J Ebbutt
PHOTO: The German Trade Token.

The German Trade Token of probable late 16th century date. Drawn by G Kemp.

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