Kent Archaeological Review extract

Painted House at Dover --
Progress Report, June 1976.
by George Ruck.


Following the rapid formation of the Trust and the massive support from Friends it is good to report that the actual construction work began as scheduled on 4th April. Owing to the inflated tender prices for the protective cover building it has not been possible to appoint a main contractor. Instead, all the preliminary work of site-clearance, excavation of foundation-trenches, concreting foundations and sub-floors (with more than 200 tons of concrete), offloading blocks and materials (400 tons) has been carried out by members of the Kent Archaeological Unit over a period of ten weeks. In particular the Unit director, Mr B Philp, has taken ten weeks unpaid leave to supervise the building programme. Work starts each day at 7.30am and finishes at 10.30pm. Special thanks are due to Peter Keller, James Irvine, Wendy Williams, Angela Cott and Robert Moon for very hard work over extended periods. The sub-contracting bricklayers began the first courses of the protective building on 7th June.

PHOTO: Receiving the cheque.

The proud moment when Trustees of the Roman Painted House received a cheque for 25,000 from the Kent County Council. Left to right: John Waite, Chairman KCC, George Ruck, Charter Mayor of Dover, Brian Philp, Director, Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit.

Even with all this hard work and good progress another 21,000 is urgently needed towards the target of 90,000. More Friends are wanted for the 5 season-ticket for life and the trustees would welcome sponsorship from industry, business or private interests. Please help us to complete Britain's finest archaeological show-piece.

For further details apply to:
George Ruck, Chairman of Trustees.
Dover Roman Painted House Trust, CIB Headquarters, Dover Castle, Kent.

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