Kent Archaeological Review extract

Painted House at Dover --
(Progress Report, September 1976).
by George Ruck.
(Chairman of Trustees.)

Walls and Roof Completed: Pilgrim Trust give 2,000.

It is with considerable pleasure that the trustees can report good progress on the construction of the protective building for the Painted House. Site clearance and foundation-work began in April, as programmed and the bricklayers began on 4th June. In the following ten weeks of hectic work in fantastic temperatures the outside walls were taken to the full height of 25 feet. The steel gallery was then placed by sub-contractors (with some aggravation) and by September the steel roof beams and decking were laid, just too late to avoid bad flooding by numerous storms. Had the sub-contractors kept to the agreed dates this would have been totally avoided. At times steel-fixers, welders, bricklayers, engineers and building inspectors were swarming over the site. In the absence of a main contractor, due to excessively high tenders, the site-management, supervision of sub-contractors, labouring and all unskilled jobs have been carried out by members of the Kent Rescue Unit, mostly in an unpaid capacity. The Trust has also had the expert help of Mr W Scott (Clerk of Works) and Mr M Godfrey and also Powell Tolner and Associates (Structural Engineers), which is gratefully acknowledged. The Dover District Council planning officers and building inspectors have been most helpful and indeed the whole exercise (now past 160 days non-stop) has been a splendid example of dedication and co-operation (steelwork apart).

Even with all this hard work and good progress another 18,000 is still urgently needed towards the final target of 90,000. Since our last progress report (KAR 45, page 129) the Pilgrim Trust has demonstrated its great interest in the Scheme by donating 2,000 and this is gratefully acknowledged. More Friends are wanted for the 5 season-ticket for life and the trustees would welcome sponsorship from industry, business or private interests. Please help us complete Britain's finest archaeological show-piece.

For details: Dover Roman Painted House Trust (a registered charity), CIB HQ, Dover Castle, Kent.

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