Kent Archaeological Review extract

Roman Bronze Mount from Ambleside.
by Edna Mynott.

A keen reader of the Kent Archaeological Review, Mr W L Thatcher of Heathfield Road, Dover made a most interesting discovery whilst on holiday in September 1976. Whilst on a walking holiday in Cumbria he passed over a ploughed field near Ambleside close to Lake Windermere. On the surface of the field he picked up a large round green object covered with soil. He put it in his pocket and only rediscovered it on his return home to Dover. On washing it under the tap he was delighted to see an interesting face appear. He handed his find to the Kent Unit at Dover for examination. It was immediately drawn by Wendy Williams and sent in turn to Professor Toynbee and to Catherine Johns at the British Museum. Both kindly offered comments, which are gratefully acknowledged.

DRAWING: Roman Bronze Mount.

It seems certain that the object is a Roman bronze phalera or mount, perhaps intended to be set on a military uniform or on an article of furniture. The face is certainly that of Medusa, the witch-like fiend with the fatal stare.

I should like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Thatcher on his keen observation and on his responsible action in handing the find for expert comment and publication. Perhaps this fine object can now be placed on permanent loan in an appropriate local museum.

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