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Where the Money Goes.

The Dept. of the Environment has recently published a list of grants made for excavations during 1975 of which the following shows the major recipients.

CITIES. A 5-entry table follows showing city and grant awarded.
York 70,000
COUNTY UNITS. A 15-entry table follows showing County unit and grant awarded.
County Unit.Grant.
Humberside Arch. Comm.42,250
Wiltshire Arch. Comm.31,000
Scole Comm. (Norfolk)28,000
M3 Arch. Rescue Comm.28,000
Scole Comm. (Suffolk)25,000
London & Middlesex Arch. Soc. 20,500
Surrey Archaeological Society20,005
Dorset Archaeological Society17,792
Berkshire Arch. Comm.16,500
Essex County Council12,750
Bedfordshire County Council10,750
Kent Archarchaeological Rescue Unit10,500
North Yorks County Council 6,000

It is of interest to note that 5 cities have received a total of about 195,000 where 15 county units have received about 320,000 between them. Of these the Kent Archaeological Rescue Unit dealt with some 20 sites and kept a watching brief on the whole of the county for the very modest sum of 10,500. Indeed, with just about the smallest budget the Kent programme was at least as busy as any. Of the 14 most important sites dealt with across the whole of southern England, (14 counties) 5 were in Kent. These were the Neolithic peat-filled lake at Wilmington; the Bronze Age barrow at Margate; the complete Iron Age farmstead at Farningham (on the line of the M20); the Roman army and navy forts at Dover and Saxon structures also at Dover.

It is good to learn that Kent tops the list for major sites and that these can be dealt with in such a cost-effective manner. This reflects the efficient work of the full time Kent Unit and the good support it gets from its associated part-time groups. Archaeological Excavations 1975. HMSO Price 2.50.

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