Kent Archaeological Review extract

The Roman Painted House at Dover (Progress Report, March, 1977) --
Displays, Exhibition and Treatment of walls in Progress.
by George Ruck.
(Chairman of Trustees.)

I am delighted to say that progress of the Painted House scheme is still very good and it may even be that this will be my last progress report. In the past three months the team of archaeological labourers have moved another 200 tons of soil and rubble in landscaping the site and forecourt area. They have also stripped off the lower wooden roof and removed 600 sacks of soil and other covers which have enveloped the 'Painted House' for the past 18 months. The first inspection seems to show that the Roman paintings have survived the building programme and all the bad weather without any damage at all. Other jobs have included a finished granite floor at the lower level, a stone kerb to enclose the Roman house and massive reinforcing blocks of steel and concrete for the Roman bastion. A special DPC system has been inserted under the Roman house.

Although many lesser tasks still remain to be done the major outstanding work is the preparation of the numerous display panels giving graphic information on the 'Painted House' and the Roman settlement. The work on this is being done by Wendy Williams and John Willson of the Kent Unit.

Even so 15,000 is still required urgently towards the target figure of 90,000. If this can be reached then it is hoped that the Painted House will be open to the public this coming June. Do please make your contribution to support all the many thousands of hours of hard work on site. For 5 you get a season-ticket for life.

For details: Dover Roman Painted House Trust, New Street, Dover, Kent.

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