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It is vital that all groups should have the protection of a public Liability Insurance Policy which will cover all legal claims against Societies, Groups, Site Directors or Supervisors from third parties who have suffered injury or accident, and the legal claims of one digger against another.

The CKA has a Public Liability Policy in which affiliated Groups may participate at a rate of 15 pence per person per annum.

The conditions of the Policy are as follows:

  1. All reasonable precautions to prevent injury and damage shall be taken and equipment shall be maintained in sound condition. The precautions advised in the CBA memorandum Safety Precautions in Archaeological Excavations shall be observed.
  2. Any event which may lead to a claim under this policy shall be reported to the secretary immediately (in writing), for transmission to the insurance company.


The insurance policy does not cover:

  1. Injury or damage in connection with a vehicle or boat.
  2. Loss of property belonging to, or in the custody of, the insured.
  3. Liability assumed by agreement.
  4. Damage to the property being worked on, and where damage arises out of such work.
  5. Tunnelling.

If your Group wish to participate please send a list of names of diggers to be covered to the secretary and as new members join through the year, please keep him informed. The payment of 15p per member should be enclosed.

The CKA consider that a personal accident policy is a matter for the individual or group to decide their own requirements.

The CKA recommend that Groups require volunteers on excavations to sign a declaration that they are digging at their own risk, and recognise the Group or Site Director does not accept responsibility for any accident. Further help can be given on this should you require it.

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