Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the Editor.
by T C Woodman.
(Michael Heddington, Strood, Kent..)

Dear Madam,

I was very pleased indeed to see that the CKA has taken the initiative against the treasure-hunters who now plague our archaeological sites and destroy so much evidence. What a pity other bodies who claim to be interested in local archaeology don't do the same for at least one local history society proudly boasts a treasure- hunter as one of its committee! Disgraceful! Surely everyone must know how much these people with their metal-detectors destroy and wreck with their ragged holes; certainly very much deeper than the standard 'only the topsoil' cry that these greedy people often trot out.

May I make a suggestion? Why not get all local societies in Kent to reprint your 'Beware of Treasure Hunters' panel in their newssheets and bulletins? In this way the message will get round to all landowners who can keep these looters off their land.

Yours sincerely,

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