Kent Archaeological Review extract

Wrecks on the Goodwin Sands.
by Peter Keller.

In a recent Review (KAR Number 48 (1977), page 182) I gave details of the recent discovery of trade tokens dated 1808 dredged up from the Goodwin Sands during land-reclamation work for Dover Harbour. In the last issue of the Review (KAR Number 49 (1977), page 210) one of your readers asked for information on the ship Britannia.

My information came from "A Register of Ships Employed in the services of the Honourable EAST INDIA COMPANY 1760 - 1833", published in 1835 by Harold Charles Hay Hardin. This rare book is in the possession of Lloyds Shipping information Services (Fenchurch Street). Indeed it lists four ships as coming to grief in a very short span of time (1808 to early 1809) and all on the dreaded Goodwins.

  1. BRITANNIA, foundered on the South Goodwins early in 1809, 25th January.
  2. ADMIRAL GARDNER, foundered early in 1809.
  3. ANE OF CARMARTHEN, wrecked 12th December, 1808.
  4. ELEANOR OF SUNDERLAND, wrecked in 1808, all perished.
  5. /

My article did say "It would be nice to think that they were part of the cargo carried by the Britannia which apparently sank in the vicinity in 1809". Indeed the tokens could have represented part of the cargo from any one of the above-mentioned vessels.

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