Kent Archaeological Review extract

Further Finds at St Mary Cray.
by Ian Bouskill.

Further stratified finds have been made by Orpington & District Archaeological Society during excavations at St Mary Cray under the direction of Mr M E Fisher. (see KAR issues 47 and 49). A partially damaged bronze fibula of dolphin type circa 2nd century AD has been recovered along with Romano-British pottery including Samian and Patchgrove.

In one of the exploratory trenches a structure of light construction has been located. That part of the structure so far uncovered consists of chalk blocks inter- spersed with tiles and flints laid upon the chalk. The tiles appear to be imbreces, but very hard and well fired, and have been used to form short pipes by laying a number of pieces together. A flint wall appears to surround this on at least three sides.

The structure continues beneath the trench section cut so far, and an extension of the excavated area is essential to a proper understanding of the site. Consequently, a full-scale excavation by ODAS is anticipated commencing early in 1978. Processing of finds continues in the meantime.

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