Kent Archaeological Review extract

Anglo-Saxon Cemetery near Eastry.

This site (known locally as Updown) was discovered from the air in 1973 in an open field just south of Eastry village. It was scheduled in 1975 and almost at once threatened by a water-pipe trench. A rescue-excavation was carried out in April, 1976, under the direction of Sonia Hawkes with the kind co-operation and financial support of the owners Major and Mrs James.

The threatened area, in the south-east corner of the site, revealed 36 graves, many enclosed by a penannular ditch representing small barrows. The majority of graves were those of men and children, mostly coffined and with grave goods. The latter included a Frankish bottle, a shield-boss, spear-heads and a variety of ornaments. All the graves appear to date to the second half of the seventh century AD.

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