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Medieval Moated Sites in Kent.

The idea that all those in Kent involved in work on medieval moated sites might like to co-operate together seems quite sound. Unfortunately, the date chosen for the initial meeting to promote this co-operation was exactly that when the majority of Kent local groups were holding their long-advertised half-yearly meeting at Milton. They were thus unable to attend! How co-operation can come when those doing the majority of the work are excluded is difficult to know and poses some awkward questions. It was therefore doubly unfortunate that in December a meeting was held at Maidstone, with a programme specifically on Kent moated sites, which likewise excluded those doing 90% of the work.

This is perhaps a useful juncture to list some of the recent work on Kent moated sites which so clearly contradicts the claim that virtually nothing is being done. Indeed with 17 Kent moated sites dealt with in the past twelve years there is even the danger that these sites could get over-worked. Many must be left intact for future generations when even better methods and techniques should be available.

RECENT WORK ON KENT MOATED SITES. A 13-entry table follows showing details of recent work.
  Location. Investigators. Year. Reference
1. Eynsford. S E Rigold. 1971. Arch. Cant., page 109.
2. Castle Rough. Sittingbourne Group 1973. KAR Number 31 page 15.
3. Farningham. Kent Rescue Unit. 1973. KAR Number 34 page 113.
4. Gt. Browns Manor. Kent Rescue Unit
Edenbridge Historical Society
1973. KAR Number 32 page 34.
5. Walmer Court. Kent Rescue Unit. 1974. KAR Number 38 page 227.
6. Otford Palace. Kent Rescue Unit. 1974. KAR Number 37 page 195.
7. Crockham Grange. Edenbridge Historical Society
Kent Rescue Unit.
1975. KAR Number 41 page 18.
8. Devils Den. Kent Rescue Unit. 1975. KAR Number 41 page 20.
9. Beckenham. Croydon Society. 1975. Arch. Cant. page 145.
10. Boughton Aluph. Kent Rescue Unit. 1975. KAR Number 4 page 290.
11. Leigh. J H Parfitt. 1976. Arch. Cant. page 173.
12. Bearstead. Maidstone Group 1976. Arch. Cant. page 252.
13. Queenborough. Kent Rescue Unit. 1977. Forthcoming.
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