Kent Archaeological Review extract

by J G Harman.

I am wondering if it is right for them to be buried without trace. While travelling the A2 from Canterbury to Dover I have missed some old friends.

14 miles to Dover is no longer visible but the map shows Milestone Farm near-by.

13 miles to Dover is near the Patrixbourne turning and missed the Bridge By-pass.

12 mile stone is on the left as you climb up out of Bridge.

11 miles still survives on the bank to the left as one leaves the By-pass.

10 miles. I photographed this on the old road last year but it has now been spirited to the other side of new road near lay-by.

9 miles is no more but could have remained on old road on Dover side of Barham Cross Roads.

8 miles was resting on its side some years ago but was not reinstated near Half-way House.

7 miles has gone near Wootton turning. It was mentioned in a Directory of 1792. It was there until construction of dual carriageway.

6 miles to Dover was near the traffic lights at the top of Lydden Hill.

5 miles stands opposite Swanton turning.

4 miles, near KCC Depot, looks rather sick. A long distance lorry left the road here and its diesel tank made contact with the stone. The driver managed to disentangle himself but the leak in the tank made it possible to trace the culprit to Dover Docks.

3 miles is still there close to Milestone House at Temple Ewell as one leaves the village.

2 miles, I remember on the left against chalk bank before traffic lights. I understand this came about when they excavated at the brow of Crabble Hill to reduce the gradient for coaches about the time of the formation of the Barham Turnpike about 1760.

1 mile to DOVOR still shows up on the wall of a Grocer's shop. The iron tablets were removed from a previous shop front which stood on the site of the Milestone Inn. (Listed in a directory of 1909).

The end of the road would be at Biggin Gate near St Mary's Churchyard.

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