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It is sad to report the deaths earlier this year of two good supporters of Kent archaeology, both from Dover. Mrs Coveney was the curator of the small Dover Museum and as such was always a keen and helpful supporter of the urgent rescue- excavations in the town. Her genuine, friendly approach, her great interest in young people and her enthusiasm for the museum and its exhibits were qualities that provide an example for all. It was partly through her efforts that the famous Bronze Age hoard from Dover Harbour was brought to public notice.

Mr Douglas Crellin, active in many local societies since his arrival in Dover well over ten years ago, showed a special interest in the history of the area. Together with John Clithero he was largely responsible for encouraging the CIB excavation-teams to carry out the massive crash-programme of rescue-work ahead of the York Street Bypass in 1970. No-one then could have guessed at the extent of the dramatic discoveries to come nor could they have foreseen the fresh opportunities to be presented by the later town-centre scheme in 1973-8. Although his first love was the 19th Century fortifications on the Western Heights he spent many, many days digging with the Kent Unit on difficult sites in the town. Whilst he never claimed to have mastered the complexities of stratigraphy and recording his work with pick and shovel never faltered even when the going got tough (as it often did) and lesser, much younger men, failed. He supported CKA activities and was the convenor of the Dover Archaeological Group which was formed under the direction of John Gaunt out of local members of the CIB digging team in 1971.

Both he and Mrs Coveney will be badly missed by their families, their friends and Dover itself.

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