Kent Archaeological Review extract

A Flint Axe from Hayes.
by Trevor Woodman.

Over the years the KAR has reported on a number of stray flint axe finds, some of which have been discovered in the Bromley area. See Reference [1]. The axe illustrated here is another from this locality having been recovered by Mrs Jackie Murtagh while potato-harvesting at Hayes Street Farm, Hayes in October 1977. The find spot (NGR TQ 409 670) is some 700 metres west of the present course of the River Ravensbourne on a Woolwich and Blackheath Pebble Beds plateau at + 65 metres OD.

DRAWING: Figure 1. Flint Axe from Hayes (Side Views and Section).

Figure 1. Flint Axe from Hayes (Side Views and Section).

The axe is 13 centimetres long, roughly triangular and sharpened to a point at one end. Two sides have been extensively worked and are heavily stained brown; the third side has a large area of cortex. The butt end has more recent damage and is un- stained showing the mottled slate grey flint. The cutting edges of the flint have area of secondary working and the nose although blunt, may have been resharpened.

The axe is difficult to date, but is similar to the "Thames Pick" flint axe found near the River Ravensbourne in Shortlands in 1971, See Reference [2] which was attributed to the Mesolithic period circa 7000-6000 BC.

The writer wishes to thank Mrs Murtagh for bringing the find to his attention.


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