Kent Archaeological Review extract

Lead Seals from Reculver.
by Harold Gough.

Six complete, or partial, lead seal matrices have been found on the foreshore at Bishopstone, near Reculver, since 1956, by three different finders.

DRAWING: Lead Seals from Reculver.

Lead Seals from Reculver.

  1. + S'DENIS' VXOR' ADE Seal of Denise wife of Adam
    Finder: J. King 1956. (Arch. Cant. 70 (1956) pages 268-9)
  2. + S'HAMON'FIL'GER Seal of Hamo son of Ger(ald)
    Finder: A. C. Arlott 1957. (Arch. Cant. 71 (1957) pages 225-6)
  3. + S'AL.X.DER' SO.T Seal of Alexander So t
    Finder: A. C. Arlott 1958. (Arch. Cant. 73 (1959) pages 228-9)
  4. + S'SALOM/ /DEBROKE Seal of Salom(on . .) de Broke
    Finder: R. Binks 1977.
  5. (illegible lettering on thin lead quarter-circle)
    Finder: R. Binks 1977.
  6. S'AI . . . IE FIL'C ? Seal of Alice daughter of C .. .
    Finder: R. Binks. Jan 1978

More than twenty of these seal matrices, often with loops for suspension or projections for alignment, and some with raised decorations on the reverse side, are recorded in Archaeologia Cantiana as having been found in Kent. They are usually ascribed to the 13th or 14th century, either from the style of lettering, or by analogy with surviving seal-impressions attached to documents.

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