Kent Archaeological Review extract

Letter to the Editor --
local finds.
by P Dunn.

Dear Madam,

I am writing to record a few local finds of some interest. First, the discovery of a silver penny of King Stephen, circa AD 1135-1154, from Castle Hill (Caesers Camp) Folkestone. The famous Victorian archaeologist Pitt-Rivers also recovered a similar coin from the hill, so the two coins may indicate the approximate time that the fortifications were erected.

A small 4th century Roman coin was found on top of the Norman ramparts. This was probably moved in the chalk to form the outer rampart and may have originated from the centre.

KAR Number 33 (Autumn 1973) lists Roman coins found on Sugar Loaf Hill. A man in Capel claims to have found a further three, following the pattern of early coinage these are TRAJAN, A PIUS, and HADRIAN. Another person from Dover has two others in his possession, identity unknown, but also early coins. This makes 19 coins known from the hill, only two being late Roman in origin.

Yours faithfully,  

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