Kent Archaeological Review extract

Roman Mortaria.
by Geoff Marsh.

The museum at Whitstable contains a mortarium recovered from the sea, presumably off the North Kent coast. The vessel is stamped by the potter Q Valerius Se who was working circa AD 55-85 and whose distribution suggests he may have been working in Kent. The writer was recently shown another complete mortarium of a similar date which was trawled up from the same general area and is now in the possession of a south Essex fisherman. This vessel is stamped by Cavarius. appears to be unworn and has a few oyster shells stuck to it. The recovery of these two mortaria raises the possibility that they may have come from a wreck. This area has already produced the famous 'Pudding Pan Rock' wreck containing a cargo of late- second century Central Gaulish samian. (see elsewhere in this issue of KAR.) It would be useful if readers who have contacts amongst inshore fishermen in the Whitstable area could make enquiries as to whether other similar discoveries have been made.


Hartley K F, 'Two major potteries producing mortaria in the first century AD' in Greene, K and Dore, J, Roman Pottery Studies in Britain and Beyond BAR. S30, 5-18 (Oxford 1977)
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