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Kent Archaeological Review extract

Dartford Borough Museum, 1965.
by J V Ritson.

The nucleus of the present museum was collected by Mr E C Youens, the first Curator, and official photographer to the Kent Archaeological Society, and other local enthusiasts in 1906-7, when it was first displayed at the Technical Institute in Essex Road, Dartford. The exhibits were transferred to the new Library and Museum provided by the Carnegie Trust in January 1916. In 1937, the Central Library was extended and the Museum then moved into its present accommodation. A complete re-organisation of the Museum into its present form was carried out in 1956, with the aid of a grant from the Carnegie Trustees.

The amount of material in the Museum, which is of interest and value to students and research workers, is considerable and available at all times on request. The following list covers the main large collections, and may be of use as a record of where to find material after excavation:


A very good collection of Acheulin material from Swanscombe. (Mainly unpublished).

Levalloisian flakes and cores from Baker's Hole chalk pit, Northfleet. (Unpublished).

Part of a hoard of Late Bronze Age axe-heads, found at Bexleyheath in 1930 (Rest in the British Museum).

All the material from the Early Iron Age settlement at Crayford, found in 1936. (Published in PSAS, 1938, January-July).

All the material from the cremation cemetery, Cotton Lane, Stone, excavated in 1939 (Published in PSAS, vii, 1941.) Also a further site excavated at Stone in 1945. (Published in Arch. Journ., cvi.). A great deal of Belgic material has been found in the Stone area, since the beginning of this century, and it is all in store, unpublished.


The material from the Roman Villa at Farningham, excavated by the Dartford Antiquarians in 1925. (Trans. of the Dartford and District Antiquarian Society, i.).

Material from the road works at Springhead during 1922. (Unpublished).

Some material from the Roman Villa at Farningham excavated in 1948. (Unpublished).

All the material from the Roman Villa at Franks Hall, Farningham, excavated 1960. (To be published in 1966).


Complete cemetery material from Riseley, Horton Kirby, excavated by Dartford Antiquarian Society in 1937-38. (Published in Trans. Dartford Antiq. Soc., viii).


Most of the material from Dartford Priory, excavations of 1911 and 1951. (Unpublished).

This is the main material held at Dartford, in large quantities. Perhaps, other museums may consider listing what is available in their collections.

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