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Kent Archaeological Review extract

The Lower Medway Archaeological Research Group.
by M A Ocock.

Our activities during the past twelve months have been mainly devoted to consolidating the work begun during the first two years of our existence. With a strong and active membership, successful meetings have been held regularly, and our newsletter has now reached its thirty-third issue. The Group's large collection of records, many kindly donated by Mr John Evans, has been placed in the care of an archivist.

Work being done by individual members includes ancient field systems, medieval houses, Romano-British sites on the Medway Marshes and excavations in the City of Rochester. Work has also begun on a long-term regional field survey, with the principal aim of discovering and recording sites at present unknown so as to provide more information which could enable us to plan future work, and to anticipate the need for rescue "digs." Information from the survey is regularly exchanged with the Archaeology Division of the Ordnance Survey. Partly to assist in this project, and partly to provide information for other studies, information from known sites is being analysed in order to find out whether any general characteristics do occur.

Our main excavation work has been at the site of the large Romano-British villa at Eccles (see page 6) where the third season of work was completed in early autumn 1964. The principal rescue work was undertaken at the site of a Romano-British building at Snodland, which is to be built on next June. The coming season should see both an increase in excavation and other fieldwork.

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